Nomesis, A Brief Company Profile

Nomesis Soul: Seeing through the mind’s eyes
Nomesis – that in ancient Greek means «seeing through the mind’s eyes» – is an Italian fully independent marketing research company established in 1989. Its soul is about providing good information for good decisions moving from the assumption that what is inside the customers’ mind deserves attention and investigation.

Nomesis Mission: Good information for good decisions
Nomesis’ mission is to provide our Customers with good information to enable the taking of good decisions. We believe that good decisions ensure good performances and that good decisions need good information. We strive to produce good information in a explicitly and strongly asserted problem solving orientation.

Nomesis Framework: Bounded Rationality and the Mind’s Cognitive Salience
Nomesis bases its research and consulting activity on the adoption of the anthropological model of the Bounded Rationality and its subsequent derivation of the salience of the cognitive dimension in explaining the behavioural patterns we need to influence for inducing favourably purchasing behaviours.

Nomesis Approach: Mind Matters, Behaviour Follows
Nomesis believes that to understand the behaviour of your arm you don’t have to look at your wrist but at your mind. So for us Mind Matters and Behavour Follows. Therefore, we conceptualize the (purchasing) behaviour as a dependent variable, and the “Mind” (the cognitive processes) as its independent one.

Nomesis Staff: smart guys from smart perspectives for smart solutions for External and Internal Marketing
Nomesis has a staff of researchers and analysts from a composite array of disciplines (sociologists, economists, statisticians, engineers and psychologists). Their expertise is good and strong for successfully dealing with both External Marketing and Internal Marketing issues.

Nomesis Job: offering workable research-based solutions for B2B and B2C
Nomesis is a full service research provider able to offer the whole cycle of production of both quantitative and qualitative research in the B2B and in B2C sectors as well.

Nomesis specialty: modelling the interaction between intentions and actions for maximizing the results
Nomesis specialty is the analysis and modelling of the purchasing behavior of both individuals and organizations. Purchasing decisions are seen as a dependent variable that can be predicted and potentially modified. Our goal is that of maximising the results for our Customers.

Nomesis Contacts
To know more about Nomesis approach and solutions contact Ezio Maestri  (Ezio Bio) for the External Marketing and Daniela Bandera (Daniela Bio) for the Internal Marketing.