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    About Huatai Group
    Fujian Huatai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 鈥淗uatai Group鈥? Stock Code: 830831) is a famous manufacturing group in the Chinese building material industry.
    With over 20 years of experience in production management of architectural ceramics, Huatai Group is a partner in national new building material R&D projects.
    In 2014, Huatai Group was named one of China鈥檚 top 500 building material enterprises, and one of China鈥檚 top 100 highest-growth building material enterprises.
    As a leading enterprise in Fujian鈥檚 architectural ceramic industry, one of Fujian鈥檚 top 100 key industrial enterprises, and a high-tech enterprise of Fujian, Huatai Group has established a provincial enterprise technology center, and developed into a powerful business group of a long history.
    Huatai Group is devoted to many sectors of the building material industry, including the exploration and utilization of stone, ceramic tiles, pottery clay and new energy. Under Huatai Group are famous building material brands like TOB Terracotta Panel, Huahong Ceramic Tile, Silk Road Ceramics and Ceramic Solar Energy, which enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Over the years, Huatai Group has been providing the building material industries of various countries with top-quality comprehensive building materials and the most professional engineering construction and guidance services.
    TOB of Fujian Huatai group is the only national standards brand in China, and has been applied to many major projects in the world. We are also the Chinese Terracotta panel standards drafters.

    Huatai Group has participated in the construction of many famous domestic and foreign projects, including the Great Hall of the People, the office building of the Central Military Commission, the multiple-use business building of People鈥檚 Daily Press, the century-old hall of Tsinghua University, the Shanghai EXPO Service Center, the Shanghai Hongqiao Traffic Hub, the Dubai Racecourse, the Hamburg ELEWACJA Church and the 2010 APEC Venue at the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia. Since the early days of new China, with the expansion of space and passage of time, Huatai Group鈥檚 growth has been seen in a great many buildings and its exuberant technological vitality has been manifested in the track of the times. For excellent product and service quality, Huatai Group鈥檚 building materials have set sales records time and again.
    Since its inception, Huatai Group has been adhering to the business idea of diligence, dedication, integrity and innovation, following the trend of the times, and repeatedly promoting the great development of the Chinese building material industry.
    In the 1980s, Huatai Group was the first to introduce high-tech building stone production equipment and scientific production management processes, effectively driving the development of the building stone industry.
    In the 1990s, Huatai Group was the first to build a modern automatic ceramic tile production line, effectively advancing the automation of the traditional ceramic production technology.
    In the early 21st century, Huatai Group took the lead in introducing the European wide-bodied roller kiln production technology and dry pressing technology, greatly improving the production efficiency and yield and promoting the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of architectural ceramics.
    In the 21st century, Huatai Group has taken the lead in founding a national technology R&D center of building curtain wall terracotta panels, introducing Italian wet-type vacuum extrusion molding equipment and the internationally-advanced electronic temperature-controlled wide-bodied roller kiln. Huatai Group has further developed the world鈥檚 first five-layer roller kiln drying and automatic circulation production line, built and put into use the world鈥檚 highest-capacity and steadiest-quality building curtain wall terracotta panel production line, and established the world鈥檚 largest terracotta panel production base. Currently, Huatai Group boasts 4 production lines and 8 extruders which can produce about 8000m2 of terracotta panels and about 5000m2 of ceramic rods every day on average.
    Huatai Group鈥檚 TOB Terracotta Panel has been one of the best-selling brands since it was put into production. TOB Terracotta Panel has been applied to a great many landmark and major projects in the world, such as the multiple-use business building of People鈥檚 Daily Press, the COMAC R&D Center, the National Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base, China Aerospace Qian Xuesen Science Museum, the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 Commercial Financial District, the Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, the Beijing Electronic Information Industry Park, the century-old hall of Tsinghua University, the Shanghai Hongqiao Traffic Hub Public Service Center, the Shanghai EXPO Service Center, the Gymnasium of the University of Macau at Hengqi, Zhuhai, the Ningxia Architectural Design and Research Institute, the Ningxia College for the Middle-aged and the Aged and Activity Center, the Daqing Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the Shenyang South Railway Station Building Project, the 1895 Creativity Building of Tianjin University, the Inner Mongolia Mengdong Germanium Industry Park, the Shanxi Datong Theatre, the Shandong Jiaozhou Sports/Convention and Exhibition/Cultural Center, the China Industrial Expo Park, the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables, the Chongqing Nan鈥檃n District Government Conference Center, the Guiyang International Convention Center, the Archives of Fujian Province, the Guangxi Urban Planning Exhibition Center, the Xinjiang Karasu Port, the Tibet Princess Wencheng Live-action Theatre, the Sri Lanka National Theatre, the Dubai Racecourse, the South Korea Samsung Comprehensive Building, the Bangkok Central Hospital, the 2010 APEC Venue of Russia, and the Hamburg ELEWACJA Church. The products of TOB Terracotta Panel have been sold to all parts of China, such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Yunnan, Hainan Island, Guangdong and Guangxi, as well as to foreign countries such as Germany, the United States, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Kuwait. The TOB Terracotta Panel has stood the rigorous tests of actual projects and users.
    With strong technical strength and economic strength, Huatai Group has become a partner of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People鈥檚 Republic of China in terms of key scientific and technological projects.
    Huatai Group has a national model production line and a national new energy technology R&D center in Quanzhou, China. In the 21st century, Huatai Group remains industrious, dedicated, faithful and creative, and keeps transcending itself and bringing forth something new from the old to continuously contribute to housing construction in China and in the world.

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