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    Mini Brushless ESC based on VESC 4.12 with Aluminum Anodized Heat Sink
    Product Parameter
    Product nameMini Brushless ESC base on VESC
    FirmwareLatest Version
    Instantaneous current50A continuous / 150A peak
    Cells3-13S LiPo
    Wiring Diagram
    Package Detail
    1* Brushless Motor Controller based on VSEC 4.12
    1* Micro USB
    1* VESC Controller Sensor Wire
    1* VESC Manual
    Difference Between Mini VESC 4.20 & Standard VESC 4.12
    1> Hardware are based on VESC 4.12, however, We did many layout version optimization , finally upgrade from 4.12 to 4.20, 4.20 is so far our most satisfied layout version upon VESC 4.12.
    2> There are main 5 components different, others are almost the same
    A. Mosfet:
    Mini VSEC 4.20 : Mosfet Model NO: NTMFS5C628NL
    VESC 4.12: Mosfet Model NO: IRFS7530-7PPBF
    Only in terms of mosfet, IRFS7530-7PPBF is far more expensive, it proves the more expensive one, the better performance from the data sheet of this two kinds of mosfet. Mini VESC 4.20 has no advantage ony by using a cheaper mosfets, so there are some remedial plan in design.
    B. Capacitors:
    Mini bldc motor controller based on VESC 4.20 use 3pcs shorter capacitors (220uf 100v) to well match our current hardware design, so no need to use the longer capacitors. This shorter capacitor are also used in VESC 6.6.
    Motor speed controller based on VESC 4.12 use 3pcs longer capacitors (680uf, 63v)
    These two capacitors are already verified in market, they’re reliable.
    C. Inductors
    Mini electronic speed controller based on VESC 4.20 use molding power choke, It has great Anti-EMI performance.
    DC motor driver based on VESC 4.12 use VESC 4.12 original SMD power inductors.
    The molding power choke is far more expensive than the SMD power inductors due to different production process.
    D. MLCC capacitors
    Mini ESC controller based on VESC 4.20 use 1210 MLCC. Spec: 47uf,100V, which used in racing drone’s ESC
    ESC controller based on VESC 4.12 use 1206 MLCC (10uf, 50V) and 2220MLCC(15uf, 100V)
    E. USB Port
    Mini FSESC4.20 use micro USB port, while FSESC4.12 use mini USB port.
    3> Size ComparationESC 50A