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    Product information
    Product name:Aluminum Foil Food Cooking Vacuum Bag
    Product design: customize
    Product style: customize
    Functions: tea, electronic products, dried fruit, snack packaging
    Product Overview
    Pure aluminum foil vacuum bag, low permeability of new materials;
    Sealing edge is easy to tear mouth, convenient to use;
    Strong shading, durable;Vacuum preservation, food grade material;
    Even sealing, strong sealing.
    Widely used in tea, electronic products, dried fruit, snacks, pills, necklaces and other packaging.
    Order process
    1.Consult customer service
    Inform customer service of the required style, quantity, color, specification, etc., and get the quotation.
    2.Provide information
    Provide the information and documents you need to print to the customer service staff.
    3.Photograph the design
    The staff make the effect drawing, and then make the payment after finalizing the draft and confirming the effect.
    4.Make and shipments
    The waiting time for production needs 3-7 working days.
    5.Confirm receipt
    Please confirm receipt of the goods if there is no mistake after arrival. We look forward to cooperating with you again!Color Printing Packaging Bag in stock